Polycystic Ovaries

Sep 24, 2009

Patient X came to consult the gynecologist with a chief complaint of irregular menstrual cycle. She is now 19 years old. She started irregular menstreation since the age of 14- 15 years old. The last time she missed mentruation was again 3 months so she is already willing to see a doctor. The doctor ordered to undergo rectal ultrasound and complete blood count. Blood count was normal result but the ultrasound result got a bad impression.
Normal sized anteverted uterus
Slightly thickened endometrium
Polycystic Ovaries Bilateral.
Meaning there was no myometrial lesion but both ovaries contain multiple small subscapsular follicles.
The doctor ordered Duphaston 10 mg tablet. To take one tablet 2 times a day for five days. Advised to come for check up after days . The doctor said that she mut have to expect menstruation period within the 10 days after consuming 20 tablets for five days. Tomorrow is the 10th day but there was no mentruation yet. The mother is already worried and she prayed so much for her daughter. Tommorrow is the next check up.

The best Laundry bags, backpacks, quilted backpack

Sep 1, 2009

Christmas is fast approaching, Guess what's best gifts for students. Of course an adults prefer a gift for a students which a very useful one. A thing which is so simple but cute and needs it everyday. I myself as a mother of two who are still student I rather buy laundry bag as my gift for them on Christmas. They also need it when they will go for camping I saw cute laundry bag in the internet from posylane.com I am sure they will learned to fixed their dirty clothes in the laundry bag without a mess anymore because drawstring is fixed to prevent lugging around when full. This is created with Mints signature fabric and colorful designs .

It would be better if match with personalized kids backpack so that a child could easily distinguished his laundry bag and backpack when mixes with bag's classmate . A child is inspired to use and take care of her bag if name is imprinted. Different colors are there to choose from like those
Stephen Joseph quilted backpack which are great for toddlers for kindergarten or preschool children. It is made from 100% cotton, and what is good for this bag for children is machine washable.So no problem if bags become dirty or if ever stained
Buy now! more colors and designs are there to choose from . Cheap and affordable.

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