Fissures of the Breast

Nov 30, 2008

Fissure of the nipple is an ulceration develops in the breast of a nursing mother.

aggravated by sucking infant

Signs and Symptoms:
sore of the nipple

Nursing Care:
proper technique of breast feeding
advise patient wash with sterile saline solution
instruct to use artificial nipple for nursing
stop nursing if sore does not heal and use breast pump
wash nipple before and after nursing .
keep it dry after nursing
lanolin cream to prevent cracking but wash to remove before nursing

Pregnancy Discomforts

Nov 26, 2008

morning sickness - an expectant mother manifest nausea accompanied by vomiting usually in the morning or sometimes anytime of the day. It is an unknown cause but many had believe that may be due to hormonal imbalance . In this case , a mother advise to eat small amount but frequent, eat attractive food like colored fruits and eat foods that are easily digest.

Urinary frequency is also one discomfort due to the enlargement of the uterus and pushes down the urinary bladder.

Heartburn -the enlarged uterus pushed up the stomach. so tendency of the gastric contents reflux in the lower esophagus. Advise mother to eat foods that easily digest in small amount but frequent.

Backache- due to pregnancy's increase weight and enlargement of the abdomen -she walks or stand, she position herself with head up and shoulder backward, and chest forward to prevent possible imbalance .

Constipation- due decrease intestinal peristalsis. Advise mother to eat foods high in fiber. Increase fluid intake. Practice regular pattern of elimination. Laxative if necessary and if doctor prescribed.

Respiratory Discomfort due to pressure of the enlarged uterus on diaphragm. Some relief will do by good posture and semi Fowler's position. Eat in small amount but frequent to avoid full stomach

Varicose Veins due to pressure of gravid uterus on large veins. Prolonged standing as one factor. Advise mother avoid prolonged standing. Elevate the lower extremities when lying. avoid constricting clothing

Leg cramps- may be due to impaired absorption of calcium. Adequate calcium intake may help

Legs and ankle edema - due to pressure distract the venous and lymphatic return. Elevation of legs may help

Amenorrhea , menorrhagia

Nov 23, 2008

Primary Amenorrhea- absence of mentstruation. a term used when a young girl has not menstruate yet at 16 and 17. This may caused by anatomic development and treated according to to etiology.

Secondary Amenorrhea- occurs normally during pregnancy and lactation.

Possible causes

  • extreme anxiety
  • acute or chronic disease
  • ovarian tumors
Treatment- treat the cause

Menorrhagia- excessive bleeding during regular menstrual flow

Possible causes
-----due to endocrine disturbances if menorrhagia at early age.
-----due to inflammatory disturbance or tumors of the uterus if menorrhagia in later life
-----emotional disturbance may also affect bleeding

This is probably a symptoms of menstrual dysfunction, it is important to seek madical check up for investigation. And for hemoglobin blood count

LifeLock surely protects Me

Nov 20, 2008

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Dysmenorrhea- painful menstruation

Primary-due to hormonal, obstructive and psychological factors

Secondary-due to lesions such as endometriosis, pelvic infection, congenital abnormality, uterine fibroids

Signs and symptoms
nausea and vomiting
low backache

physical examination to rule out the cause
warm compress-
non-narcotic analgesic
oral contraceptives as prescribed by the gynecologist
dilatation and curretage

take care of our reproductive system

Nov 16, 2008

Three years ago,I had dilatation and curretage procedure by my gynecologist. I had a bleeding for 2-3 weeks a month and some blood clots . Blood count was done . My hemoglobin dropped to 6 and the normal is 12 so my doctor did the operation right away after pre operation care done by the nurse. Histopathological done and thanks God there is carcinomic findings. It was just a necrotic decidual tissues.
To all women out there, if we felt or noticed something abnormal we must consult our gynecologist right away like abnormal menstruation - profuse or scanty or painful menstruation, feeling of something unusual. Our reproductive system is prone to cancer so must make a habit of regular check up.


Nov 13, 2008

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Nov 11, 2008

Abortion-is a termination of pregnancy. In layman's term is called "miscarriage". It is consider aborted fetus if weighs 1,000 grams. it may be an intentional due to unwanted for mother's own reason. other's cause may due to to systemic disease or hormonal imbalance. An abortion that occurs naturally is SPONTANEOUS ABORTION with unknown cause in some processes like complete, incomplete threatened or inevitable. In some cases , they have 3 0r more consecutive abortions in unknown cause is called HABITUAL ABORTION. In certain circumstances, ther are cases that pregnancy is consider to terminate for the sake of life of a mother. If seriously affect the health of the mother. Usually done by an skilled medicl personnel in a hospital therapeutically. This abortion called THERAPEUTIC ABORTION which is opposite of CRIMINAL ABORTION- the termination of pregnancy illegally. And this is usually resulted to infections that endanger the life of a mother.


Nov 8, 2008

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19. Do you like to dance?, i’m not a good dancer ^_^

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21. Would you ever consider living abroad?… no

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Early Medical Attention

Nov 6, 2008

The medical practitioners has a unique position to give understanding of the lay persons about physiologic process of menstruation and menopause. To young girls they are having difficulties, fear and anxiety to handle a first time menstruation especially those in the remote areas. because they are not opened to parents or anybody else , usually they try to hide and ashamed. That's the reason why they have untreated gynecological diseases which is usually unrepairable. Good for educated parents , because they supported their teens when they got their first menstruation. But adult must have also to remember that they need regular check ups in case they feel something abnormal not only on menstruation, menupause but if there are pains or undesirable discharges. These conditions must advise to seek early medical attention. There are routine diagnostic procedure which is available in public or private clinics.


Nov 1, 2008

Endocervisitis is an inflammation of the mucosa and the glands of the cervix. An infection caused my invasion of microorganism to the cervical glands during intrauterine manipulation and delivery on abortion cases.
Once the infection is not treated the infection extends to uterus, tubes, pelvic cavity

Signs and symptoms:

  • bleeding or spotting due to erosion of tissues
  • thick purulent leukorrheal discharge
  • sacral backache
  • low abdominal pain
  • irregular menstruation
Post Cauterization Care:
  • placed on bed rest for 2-3 days
  • follow up visit the gynecologist for any cervical stenosis

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