Amenorrhea , menorrhagia

Nov 23, 2008

Primary Amenorrhea- absence of mentstruation. a term used when a young girl has not menstruate yet at 16 and 17. This may caused by anatomic development and treated according to to etiology.

Secondary Amenorrhea- occurs normally during pregnancy and lactation.

Possible causes

  • extreme anxiety
  • acute or chronic disease
  • ovarian tumors
Treatment- treat the cause

Menorrhagia- excessive bleeding during regular menstrual flow

Possible causes
-----due to endocrine disturbances if menorrhagia at early age.
-----due to inflammatory disturbance or tumors of the uterus if menorrhagia in later life
-----emotional disturbance may also affect bleeding

This is probably a symptoms of menstrual dysfunction, it is important to seek madical check up for investigation. And for hemoglobin blood count


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