Nov 11, 2008

Abortion-is a termination of pregnancy. In layman's term is called "miscarriage". It is consider aborted fetus if weighs 1,000 grams. it may be an intentional due to unwanted for mother's own reason. other's cause may due to to systemic disease or hormonal imbalance. An abortion that occurs naturally is SPONTANEOUS ABORTION with unknown cause in some processes like complete, incomplete threatened or inevitable. In some cases , they have 3 0r more consecutive abortions in unknown cause is called HABITUAL ABORTION. In certain circumstances, ther are cases that pregnancy is consider to terminate for the sake of life of a mother. If seriously affect the health of the mother. Usually done by an skilled medicl personnel in a hospital therapeutically. This abortion called THERAPEUTIC ABORTION which is opposite of CRIMINAL ABORTION- the termination of pregnancy illegally. And this is usually resulted to infections that endanger the life of a mother.


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