Early Medical Attention

Nov 6, 2008

The medical practitioners has a unique position to give understanding of the lay persons about physiologic process of menstruation and menopause. To young girls they are having difficulties, fear and anxiety to handle a first time menstruation especially those in the remote areas. because they are not opened to parents or anybody else , usually they try to hide and ashamed. That's the reason why they have untreated gynecological diseases which is usually unrepairable. Good for educated parents , because they supported their teens when they got their first menstruation. But adult must have also to remember that they need regular check ups in case they feel something abnormal not only on menstruation, menupause but if there are pains or undesirable discharges. These conditions must advise to seek early medical attention. There are routine diagnostic procedure which is available in public or private clinics.


Anonymous said...

hello thanks for the visit! :-) i had an ultrasound today but the gender could not be determined yet.

happy weekend!

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