Business Loans

Feb 27, 2009

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Growth and Development for 12 weeks (3 months) infant

Feb 16, 2009



  • sits back rounded , knees flex when supported in sitting position
  • indicates preference for prone or supine position
  • holds head erect and steady
  • holds objects in hands and brings to his mouth
  • hands open and close loosely
  • stop crying when familiar person approaches
  • stay awake longer without crying
  • enjoys playing during feeding
  • babbles and coos
  • smiles more readily
  • shows active interest in environment
  • recognizes and smiles in response to familiar faces
  • focuses and follows objects
  • aware of strange situations
  • derives pleasure from sucking-purposely gets hand to mouth

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Feb 8, 2009

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Growth and Development for 16 weeks



  • listen- turns head to familiar sound
  • hand comes to meet rattle
  • lifts head and shoulders at 90 degree angle when on abdomen and looks around
  • becomes more interested in environment
  • holds head up ( when being pulled to sitting position)
  • eyes focus on small objects; he may picks a dangling ring
  • grasp objects with both hands
  • intentional rolling over, back to side
  • sits with minimal support

  • Laugh aloud
  • vocalizes socially, coos and spoken to
  • recognizes mother
  • demands social attention by fussing
  • begins to response to"no, no"
  • enjoy to being propped in sitting position
  • sleeps through night, has defined nap time
  • indicates increasing trust and security
  • more interested in mother
  • shows eagerness when feeding bottle appear
  • enjoys attention becomes bored when alone for a period of time
  • actively interested in environment

Looks younger by my eyeglasses

Feb 6, 2009

We were on duty on the hospital when one of my co -nurse start teasing and laughing of my eyeglass. He said that it is already an obsolete styles that i must have to change for a new one. But i got this eyeglass recently only and so expensive so getting another stylist might be more expensive and i can't afford to buy anymore. But my friend did not stop by just only teasing. She let me read an article aboutZenni Optical in the New York Times for her concern to my looks with the old style eyeglass. Well. good to read this article stated that offers large varieties of frames and very low prices. There are huge selections and all are stylist . Thank you my friend! I am sure i can afford to buy one new stylist eyeglass fit to me as a professional nurse because prescription eyeglasses for only $8 here and now i am seeing straight without breaking bank. Once i bought this on payday, I will surely looks younger and fashionable.

Growth and Development for one month old Infant

Feb 5, 2009

Birth - 4 weeks(1 month) -


  • eyes follow bright moving objects
  • lies awake on back with head averted
  • immediately drops object placed on hands
  • responds to sounds of bell and other similar noises
  • keep hands fisted
  • head sags forward when held in sitting position
  • shows interest in human face
  • smiles briefly
  • begins to coo
  • satisfied when feeds and being held, rocked, fondled, and cuddled
  • quiets when pick up
  • has an intense need for sucking pleasure
  • responses are generally limited to tension states or discomfort
  • establishes eye contact
  • shows regard to human faces

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Growth And Development for 2 months old (8 weeks) Infant

Feb 2, 2009

8 WEEKS ( 2 months)


  • turns from side to back
  • holds head erect when held upright
  • shows eye coordination to light and objects
  • if bell is sounded near him, he will stop activity and listen
  • begins to lift head momentarily from prone position
  • eyes follows better, both vertically and horizontally. Focuses well.
  • holds rattle briefly when placed in the hand
  • begins vocalization- coos, especially to a voice
  • eyes follow person or object more intently
  • smiles back in response to another smile
  • may squeal with delight when stimulated by touching, talking, or singing
  • turns head to side where sound came from
  • cries to seek attention
  • recognizes familiar face
  • enjoys sucking- puts hand in mouth
  • anticipate being feed when in feeding position
  • becomes more aware and interested in environment
  • eye to eye contact

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