Looks younger by my eyeglasses

Feb 6, 2009

We were on duty on the hospital when one of my co -nurse start teasing and laughing of my eyeglass. He said that it is already an obsolete styles that i must have to change for a new one. But i got this eyeglass recently only and so expensive so getting another stylist might be more expensive and i can't afford to buy anymore. But my friend did not stop by just only teasing. She let me read an article aboutZenni Optical in the New York Times for her concern to my looks with the old style eyeglass. Well. good to read this article stated that zennioptical.com offers large varieties of frames and very low prices. There are huge selections and all are stylist . Thank you my friend! I am sure i can afford to buy one new stylist eyeglass fit to me as a professional nurse because prescription eyeglasses for only $8 here and now i am seeing straight without breaking bank. Once i bought this on payday, I will surely looks younger and fashionable.


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