Ultrasound device for fetal assesstment

Jan 31, 2009

Ultrasound is a medical device or equipment utilizes reflected soundwaves as they travel in tissue to produce a picture . For pregnancy as early as 5-8 weeks gestation the sac can be measured by the ultrasound device and fetus can be seen in the sac when it is already 8 weeks gestation. Cardiac rate and fetal activity can be seen on the 10th weeks of gestation. Ultrasound is really very useful throughout the pregnancy from fifth weeks pregnancy. Used to detect abnormalities , hydatidiform mole, multiple pregnancies, fetal death, fetal presentation, placental position and fetal weight. It measures to determined gestational age and growth . Usually the portable ultrasounds used to visualized breathing movements, cardiac activity , swallowing anfd fetal movements.


Jan 30, 2009

Yes. Antioxidants is exactly what we need now adays. Our foods we are taking in usually are processed with some preservatives. Hogs and poultries not 100% safe because they receives also some antibiotics and vaccinations and some steroids to obtain a heavier weight . These are all harmful to our body. Organic pure Zeolite powder is an antioxidant that get rid all the harmful toxins in our body . It is proven by so many users that they gain a perfect body wellness free from cancer and cardiovascular diseases because. The Zeolite provides perfect wellness. This harmful toxins must be eradicate and needs a powerful anti oxidants like ZeoCleanse tm because Low levels of antioxidants, or inhibition of the antioxidant enzymes, causes oxidative stress and may damage or kills the cells of the body .

  • ZeoCleanse improves the immune system-- increased your resistance in any kind of diseases
  • Helps balance the bodies' pH (acidity levels) -to prevent acidosis or any acid imbalance
  • Removes heavy metals and toxins (mercury, lead, arsenic, pesticides, viruses, etc. - ZeoCleanse helps our body has the ability to excrete heavy metals and toxins, leads or viruses because these are very dangerous factors and pathogens of a disease
  • Provides a sense of mental clarity, improvement in general sense of well being- ZeoCleanse prevents fast aging and looks always young with clear mind and person works mentally efficient.
  • This is 100% natural so there is no side effects but very effective. It is also prepared as an antioxidant for dietary supplements to have a complete nutritional need of the body and detoxification to cleanse out all toxins in your body.


Amniocentesis is a procedure to remove amniotic fluids from the uterine cavity by aspirating with needle inserted through the abdominal and uterine wall to the amniotic sac. This is to determine fetal maturity and fetal well being. First the nurse or gynecologist must have to explain to the patient about the procedure and little knowledge and the purpose and to assured the patient that everything will be fine to reduce anxiety of the patient. Placed the patient comfortably to lie on her back and pillow under her head . This position may reduces pain and discomfort while performing the procedure to her. . If 20 weeks gestation, make sure that the mother empty her bladder to reduce the possibility of injury to the mother's bladder. but if less the 20 weeks gestation should be full bladder to hold the uterus steady and far from pelvis. Monitor vital signs and fetal heart beat as basis of any complication if there is any. After the procedure , observe for any bleeding or premature labor. And also instruct the woman if she feels discomfort , bleeding , pain or cramping after the procedure must have to complain and the nurse report to the gynecologist.

Defective Medical Device

Jan 27, 2009

Cardiovascular disease is a heart disease in particular and one health problems of so many. Usually due to their high level of cholesterol that may lead to hypertension, heart attact and cardiac arrest .Cardiac Arrest is a sudden and unexpected cessation of respiration and effective circulation . It is very important that the personnel must have the skills and techniques of resuscitation from cardiopulmonary arrest. Useful brain function can be preserved if ventilation and circulation is re-established within 2-3 minutes. First check the carotid or groin femoral pulse if these are absent and if pupils dilated. If pulse absent and dilated pupils requires artificial ventilation and external cardiac compression.Within seconds a skilled nurse or doctor must call for help and provide initial effective ventilation and circulation. During the older times nurses and doctors do it manually but now adays used defibrillator machines . Yes there are defibrillator machines on the market and Medtronic Sprint Fedilis Defebrillation manufactured by Medtronic Inc which was used in the Hospital but unfortunately was defective and so many patients was fractured. The Defective defibrillator leads is the cause of fractures and a main factor of death of so many patients . And now , there is an advised drom Medtronic Inc. for Medtronic Defibrillator Recall that all their leads unused are should be returned back to them.
Because the company itself alarmed of growing death of patient due to the use of
Sprint Fidelis Defibrillator Lead. This is a big damaged in your part and it is your right to file Defibrillator lead Lawsuit against the Manufacturer. There are medical device attorneys to consult from. Call or fill out online , they have expert lawyer are available to review the case.

Conjunctivitis occur in Children

Jan 26, 2009

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. The eye appeared red eye, watery, itchyness and eye lids binds together after long period of sleep. Usually washing with water to open eyelids. .
Conjunctivitis usually follows respiratory tract infection or maybe allergic reaction or have acquired the disease from infected person. It is easily spread to other members of the family if not careful of the secretion which leads to cross contamination. There must be a good and proper handwashing. Towels, handkerchief and clothings must be separated from other members of the family. Used tissues must be disposed properly .
Consult the doctor for proper management , treatment and advices.

Proper way of administering eye drop solutions:
For an eyedrop solution - drop at the inner canthus of the eye or in the eye by pulling down the lower eyelid then closed or open for several times to spread the solutions in other parts of the eyes

Start up Small business

Jan 24, 2009

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Nutritional Deficiencies with Severe Chronic LIver Disease

Jan 21, 2009

Nutritional Deficiencies- common complication of patient with severe chronic liver disease of all types because liver cells no longer capable to make vitamins for the body as like the following:

  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Vitamin B- beriberi
  • Thiamine- polyneuritis, wernicke -Korsakoff psychosis
  • reboflavin deficiency- skin and mucous membrane characterized by lession on the skin
  • pyridoxine deficiency- "rum fit"
  • Vitamin K deficiency- hypoprothrombinemia- characterized by spontaneous bleeding -ecchymoses
  • Vitamin C deficiency- scurvy
  • Folic acid deficiency- macrotic anemia

Reflexes of the Newborn

Landau's sign- when baby is suspended horizontally with head depressed against trunk and neck flexed, legs will flex and be drawn up to trunk
Crossed extensor reflex- when one leg is extended and the knee is held straight, while the sole of foot is stimulated, the opposite leg will flex.
Side turning-placing baby prone with head in mid-line will elicit the baby's turning his head to the side
Parachute reflex - while the infant is held prone and lowered quickly toward a surface, he will extend arms and legs
Stepping reflex- when infant is held upright with dorsum of foot gently touching edge of table, he will bend his hips and knees and put foot on table. This will elicit stepping response in the opposite foot. Series of alternating stepping actions will result when infant is moved forward so that 1 foot at a time touches the firm surface
Auditory blink reflex- eyes quickly close if examiner loudly claps her hands about 30 cm.(11.5 inches) from infant's head
Recoil of arm- when both arms are extended simultaneously by pulling outward and grasping wrists, both arms will flex at elbow when released.
Withdrawal reflex-pricking sole of foot will result in the baby's leg being flexed at hip, knee, and ankle

Curtains makes your house cool

Decorating a house is exiting especially if it is new house. A house without curtain looks empty that reflects also to the personality of a person. It is inspiring to put curtains to make the house gorgeous and elegant. Putting curtains it is necessary to use Double wrought iron curtain are great for the decorative side panels or full drapes up front with light filtering sheers on the back curtain rod and it is safer to use. It is a decoration that you fell so warmth and cool and inspiring to live in a beautiful house. We can get the best product of curtains in the internet because it is easy to find that kind. We can buy elegant wrought iron double curtain rod at wroughtironhaven.com at very low price and affordable

Wow! year 1790 curtain rod is already introduced by Gunsmith and blacksmith Clarence and wife conducting demonstration or war style curtain rods for the museum. I don't expect that a curtain rod is historical during the older times.They create curtain rods for the museum as their complete way to preserved their history. They had demonstrate the art of forge welding curtains rods by the hands of a blacksmith. That is how they value the importance of curtain rods in a museum how it accurately made with perfect art. That is why there are still various antique style curtain rods available now a days because the beauty is still glamorizing.

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Jan 19, 2009

AIDS- ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME - caused by retrovirus that attacks helper T macrophages which the cells that protect us from disease.



  • positive antibodies in the blood stream
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • related complex syndrome
  • weight loss
  • night sweats
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • diarrhea
  • full blown AIDS
  • develop pneumonia
  • skin cancer
  • neuromuscular disease
  • psychological disturbances
  • die after several years

  • transmitted by blood- through blood transfusion when the blood is infected with AIDS virus
  • transmitted through semen or vaginal fluid - when making sex with multiple partners or a single infected partner
  • transmitted through needle-using addicts
  • AIDS virus can cross the placenta- infant can acquired the infection through intrauterine exposure
  • premature rupture of the membrane
  • preterm delivery
  • infant acquire the disease

  • use of condoms decrease the risk of acquiring the disease
  • monogamy with sexual partner who is not infected

my nursing notes

No scam!

Jan 18, 2009

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2 months of age- DTP, OPV

  • can be initiated as early as 2 weeks in ares od high epidemicity or during epidemics

4months of age- DTP, OPV
  • 2 months interval desired for OPV to avoid interference from previous dose

6 months of age DTP (OPV)
  • OPV is optional may b given in areas with increase risk of polio virus exposure

15 months of age Measles, Mumps Rubella (MMR)
  • MMR preffered to individual vaccines, tuberculin testing may be done

18 months of age DTP, OPV

24 months of age HBPV

4-6 years DTP, OPV

14-16 years tetenus toxoid

DTP- Diphtheria and tetanus toxoid with pertussis vaccine

OPV- oral poliovirus vaccine contains attenuated poliovirus type1,2, and 3

MMR- live measles, mumps, and rubellaviruses in a conbined vaccine

Haemophilusl b polysaccharide vaccine

Td -adult tetenus toxoid ( full dose) and dephtheria toxoid (reduceed dose in combination

For all products used, consult manufacture's package insert for instructions for storage, handling and administration. Biologics prepared by different manufacturers may vary, and those of the same manufacturer may change from time to time

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Genetal Warts

Jan 15, 2009

There are many diseases that are transmitted by sexual contact Almost all of them are troublesome and most of them are not yet treatable especially disease causing virus.

Genital warts are common skin benign tumor caused by virus. A small slowly growing virus belonging to the papillomavirus group as single multiple soft, fleshy papillary or painless growth around the anus, vaginal area (for female), penis (for male), urethra or perineum. It is called as "venereal wart" because it is a sexually transmitted disease which around 20 million people in the US are now carrier of papillomavirus. This is transmitted through sexual contact with the infected partner. It may be diagnosed based on the clinical presentation and Colposcopy used to diagnosed certain lesions in the cervical area. Lesions may enlarged and produces tissue distraction on the patient . Symptoms of genetal warts starts with tiny flesh- colored and cauliflower -shaped lesions in the genetals. Discomforts arises from genetal area due to dampness of vaginal fluid excretion. Lesions in the cervix are painful and bleeds if distracted during intercourse. Most of the time infected individual complained of tingling ang burning sensation over the lesion and on the papules over the shaft of the penis.

Genetal warts and pregnancy, the warts enlarged during pregnancy and extremely vascular and may obstruct the birth canal for delivery. And this is one of the problem of infected mother who are pregnant because the possibility to pass the infection like laryngeal papillomatosis when passing the baby in the infected birth canal. This is life threathining condition .well you so many more information if you search ongenitalwart-s.com this site concentrates all about genetal wart review. This is really important to all of us to be educated and aware always on sexually transmitted diseases.

No more Discomforts

Many individuals develop constipation because they delay each bowel movement as long as possible because of their neurotic habit of delaying to defecate. They did not mind the possible complication. Constipation is the decrease in the frequency in defecation and also an abnormal dryness of stools and hard to evacuate . A person who has not bowel movement for 3 or more days suffers discomfort not like those bowel movement everyday with moist stool and no difficulty.. Other factors is due to lack of exercise, faulty diet (usually oily and no fiber content) , weakness and fatigue. . Constipation may cause irritability of the colon and lower abdominal pain.

People are now interested in alternative medicine especially those person are health conscious. They prefer Colon cleanse to cure number of ailments like chronic constipation, acne, chronic fatigue, candida and almost all kinds of digestive tract problems. On top of this, it is carried out using natural methods, so it has no negative side effects and this colon cleanser proven by so many since the the ancient time of Egypt. On the 17 century cleansing enema is their fashion and they will do it for 3-4 times a day. It means that their whole system is so clean because excreted all waste products accumulated in the colon thus no chance of the digestive wall to absorbs waste products in the digestive system. No wonder that their alternative medicine can cures different ailments. Russians on the 19th century when colon irrigation was famous . They do colon irrigation to prevent the toxins from fecal to be absorbed by the lining of the digestive system. Well that's really true, toxins from fecal may poison our body if reaches into our blood stream. Colon Cleanse Reviews ,has many more information on colon cleans on this website, search on coloncleanse-r.com You will learned more!


Jan 14, 2009

Mothers are aware that breast milk is the complete source of nutrition for infants. It contains carbohydrates, protein, and fats, and provides digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and hormones that all infants requires. It contains antibodies from the mother that may help the baby to increase resistance against infections but not all contagious disease. Breast feed newborn do not have protection from diseases like whooping cough, polio and Hepatitis B. and there vaccinations available.
Now a days, there are expectant mothers are now unaware that she is a carrier of Hepatitis B and unknowingly pass it on to her child through breast milk. Infants who catch hepatitis B from their mothers at birth are at greater risk of suffering from liver cancer or liver failure later in life. Infant vaccination- no exceptions, even if mother and baby appear to be in good health- is the only sure method of guaranteeing protection against the disease.

No More Worries

Jan 13, 2009

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Woman's breast

Jan 11, 2009

Female breast increase in size begins at the tenth year to sixteenth year. As puberty starts, the hormone works to develop the mammary glands and nipples start to protrudes
The breast is a glandular organ with many lobules, its secretion passes through collecting ducts to the nipple.
In some women, they experience tingling sensation an tenderness of the breast a week before the menstrual period due to hormonal disturbances. But gradually disappear on the menstrual period.
Breast enlarge for 8 weeks after child birth and the nipples become more prominent and sensitive until ready for breastfeeding.
The breast shrink , become flabby and flattened and excess fats disappear after lactation.

No more Worries on Acne

Jan 9, 2009

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Postpartum Assesstmant

Jan 6, 2009

Place the mother in bed comfortably .
Check the fundus if firm at regular intervals
Check number of perenial pads that should not saturate too much fresh blood within 8 hours
Check vital signs at regular basis as a routine responsibility in the ward unless there is abnormality
Check bowel and bladder elimination . Should at least urinate at first hour
Check breast engorgement and condition of nipples . advised breast feeding
Inspect incision if no signs of infection.

Rags to Riches

From fortune magazines enumerated all the billioners all over the world. Yes they are the kings and a families who have successful businesses scattered all over the world. Like SAM MOORE WALTON, 73 and family Bentonville ARKANSAS $21.1 39.3% of Wal-Mart. Last year, with sales of $32.6 billion, Wal-Mart outsold not just the mom and pop stores it's been putting out of
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It is nice to know about t the Nouveau Riche' community Website for Independent Student Advisors. Unbelievable , they just only making fun but they are earning much out of it. No university like this who helps students start business at their early age especially when their parents can not afford them to go to college. You can say to them that they are students and business men at the same time. So lucky they are!

According to wikipedia Rags to riches refers to a situation in which a person rises from poverty to wealth or sometimes from obscurity to fame.

These stories give the poor hope that they can rise to fame and wealth. They are most popular in societies such as the United States where confidence in the ability to move between social classes is an important part of the national identity. Well i believe that this poor students of Nouveau Riche will soon rise to fame and wealth!

Leukoplakia and Kraurosis

Jan 1, 2009

Kraurosis is a disease of the vulva when skin becomes thin dry ,white and easily fissure until appeared shrunken and leathery. Patient tend to be much irritated of itchyness. The itchyness may lead to the development of cancer of the vulva.

Leukoplakia characterized by ithyness, burning senation , and grayish white patchy on the vulvar skin.

Management of Carcinoma of the Vulva

Carcinoma of the Vulva called Vulvectomy. Excision of the superficial and deep inguinal lymph nodes.
Patient prepared emotionally and physically before the operation by explaining a brief about the surgery until she understand and anxiety relieved. Consent of operation must signed by the patient or immediate relative. Skin preparation by shaving the pubic hair, perineal and at the inguinal region.Pre operation medications be given as ordered by the preparation. and sent to operating room.
From the operating room, let the patient in bed as comfortable and perineal dressing must be keep on place. report to the physician if dressing soak with fresh blood and if bleeding persist. Because serous drainage , dressing should changed frequently for the first 3 days. Proper care of drains to prevent dislodgement.Put pillows under the knee to to relieved discomfort on the incision. Turning is important and comfort to achieved with pillows. May walk on the 2nd or third day.
Cleaning of the wound daily to prevent infection with soap solution with antiseptic or warm saline
Exposed the stitches to air frequently or exposed to dry heat with heating lamp
Low residue diet to prevent defecation and possibility to contaminate the wound
Care of the catheter that should be in place that always should be in place.
Analgesics to be given for pain as prescribed
Keep patients room to a pleasant environment by proper disposal of soiled linens and immediate removal of soiled dressing and adequate ventilation.
Give proper instruction to the one who take care of the patient at home.
Encouraged to gradual resumption of physical and gradual activities

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