Jan 30, 2009

Amniocentesis is a procedure to remove amniotic fluids from the uterine cavity by aspirating with needle inserted through the abdominal and uterine wall to the amniotic sac. This is to determine fetal maturity and fetal well being. First the nurse or gynecologist must have to explain to the patient about the procedure and little knowledge and the purpose and to assured the patient that everything will be fine to reduce anxiety of the patient. Placed the patient comfortably to lie on her back and pillow under her head . This position may reduces pain and discomfort while performing the procedure to her. . If 20 weeks gestation, make sure that the mother empty her bladder to reduce the possibility of injury to the mother's bladder. but if less the 20 weeks gestation should be full bladder to hold the uterus steady and far from pelvis. Monitor vital signs and fetal heart beat as basis of any complication if there is any. After the procedure , observe for any bleeding or premature labor. And also instruct the woman if she feels discomfort , bleeding , pain or cramping after the procedure must have to complain and the nurse report to the gynecologist.


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