Defective Medical Device

Jan 27, 2009

Cardiovascular disease is a heart disease in particular and one health problems of so many. Usually due to their high level of cholesterol that may lead to hypertension, heart attact and cardiac arrest .Cardiac Arrest is a sudden and unexpected cessation of respiration and effective circulation . It is very important that the personnel must have the skills and techniques of resuscitation from cardiopulmonary arrest. Useful brain function can be preserved if ventilation and circulation is re-established within 2-3 minutes. First check the carotid or groin femoral pulse if these are absent and if pupils dilated. If pulse absent and dilated pupils requires artificial ventilation and external cardiac compression.Within seconds a skilled nurse or doctor must call for help and provide initial effective ventilation and circulation. During the older times nurses and doctors do it manually but now adays used defibrillator machines . Yes there are defibrillator machines on the market and Medtronic Sprint Fedilis Defebrillation manufactured by Medtronic Inc which was used in the Hospital but unfortunately was defective and so many patients was fractured. The Defective defibrillator leads is the cause of fractures and a main factor of death of so many patients . And now , there is an advised drom Medtronic Inc. for Medtronic Defibrillator Recall that all their leads unused are should be returned back to them.
Because the company itself alarmed of growing death of patient due to the use of
Sprint Fidelis Defibrillator Lead. This is a big damaged in your part and it is your right to file Defibrillator lead Lawsuit against the Manufacturer. There are medical device attorneys to consult from. Call or fill out online , they have expert lawyer are available to review the case.

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