Reflexes of the Newborn

Jan 21, 2009

Landau's sign- when baby is suspended horizontally with head depressed against trunk and neck flexed, legs will flex and be drawn up to trunk
Crossed extensor reflex- when one leg is extended and the knee is held straight, while the sole of foot is stimulated, the opposite leg will flex.
Side turning-placing baby prone with head in mid-line will elicit the baby's turning his head to the side
Parachute reflex - while the infant is held prone and lowered quickly toward a surface, he will extend arms and legs
Stepping reflex- when infant is held upright with dorsum of foot gently touching edge of table, he will bend his hips and knees and put foot on table. This will elicit stepping response in the opposite foot. Series of alternating stepping actions will result when infant is moved forward so that 1 foot at a time touches the firm surface
Auditory blink reflex- eyes quickly close if examiner loudly claps her hands about 30 cm.(11.5 inches) from infant's head
Recoil of arm- when both arms are extended simultaneously by pulling outward and grasping wrists, both arms will flex at elbow when released.
Withdrawal reflex-pricking sole of foot will result in the baby's leg being flexed at hip, knee, and ankle


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