Jan 18, 2009

It is my first time to hear story of students who have a huge earnings while studying. Yes The Nouveau Riche College is one of the largest university in USA. Created blog exclusively for the students, instructor, employee or independent student advisor to publish in their blog their amazing stories how they become rich , how they have acquired huge money , and how they picked up dollars through real estate investing. Like the story of 2 students Glenn and Chelly who dream of owning properties soon. They enrolled in the Nouveau Riche University at Zero properties and learned and join the "NRU WEALTH CYCLE" this is one of the most profitable business generated by real estate investors. Glen and Chelly through their determination, they have achieved their goal of owning TEN rental properties. Glen and Chelly are not the only successful students who became successfully owns rental properties in just a short period of time while enrolled in NRU.

And this are the five individuals who achieved the highest volume of sales and become also the inspiration of the students, employees and offecers of Nouveau Riche University. It is really an amazing success ! created several face book and inviting others to join them. This is also serves to discuss and shares about their knowledge or more strategies to upgrade real estate investing and also make fun to promote.


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