Management of Carcinoma of the Vulva

Jan 1, 2009

Carcinoma of the Vulva called Vulvectomy. Excision of the superficial and deep inguinal lymph nodes.
Patient prepared emotionally and physically before the operation by explaining a brief about the surgery until she understand and anxiety relieved. Consent of operation must signed by the patient or immediate relative. Skin preparation by shaving the pubic hair, perineal and at the inguinal region.Pre operation medications be given as ordered by the preparation. and sent to operating room.
From the operating room, let the patient in bed as comfortable and perineal dressing must be keep on place. report to the physician if dressing soak with fresh blood and if bleeding persist. Because serous drainage , dressing should changed frequently for the first 3 days. Proper care of drains to prevent dislodgement.Put pillows under the knee to to relieved discomfort on the incision. Turning is important and comfort to achieved with pillows. May walk on the 2nd or third day.
Cleaning of the wound daily to prevent infection with soap solution with antiseptic or warm saline
Exposed the stitches to air frequently or exposed to dry heat with heating lamp
Low residue diet to prevent defecation and possibility to contaminate the wound
Care of the catheter that should be in place that always should be in place.
Analgesics to be given for pain as prescribed
Keep patients room to a pleasant environment by proper disposal of soiled linens and immediate removal of soiled dressing and adequate ventilation.
Give proper instruction to the one who take care of the patient at home.
Encouraged to gradual resumption of physical and gradual activities


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