No more Discomforts

Jan 15, 2009

Many individuals develop constipation because they delay each bowel movement as long as possible because of their neurotic habit of delaying to defecate. They did not mind the possible complication. Constipation is the decrease in the frequency in defecation and also an abnormal dryness of stools and hard to evacuate . A person who has not bowel movement for 3 or more days suffers discomfort not like those bowel movement everyday with moist stool and no difficulty.. Other factors is due to lack of exercise, faulty diet (usually oily and no fiber content) , weakness and fatigue. . Constipation may cause irritability of the colon and lower abdominal pain.

People are now interested in alternative medicine especially those person are health conscious. They prefer Colon cleanse to cure number of ailments like chronic constipation, acne, chronic fatigue, candida and almost all kinds of digestive tract problems. On top of this, it is carried out using natural methods, so it has no negative side effects and this colon cleanser proven by so many since the the ancient time of Egypt. On the 17 century cleansing enema is their fashion and they will do it for 3-4 times a day. It means that their whole system is so clean because excreted all waste products accumulated in the colon thus no chance of the digestive wall to absorbs waste products in the digestive system. No wonder that their alternative medicine can cures different ailments. Russians on the 19th century when colon irrigation was famous . They do colon irrigation to prevent the toxins from fecal to be absorbed by the lining of the digestive system. Well that's really true, toxins from fecal may poison our body if reaches into our blood stream. Colon Cleanse Reviews ,has many more information on colon cleans on this website, search on You will learned more!


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