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May 26, 2012

Hi guys! how's everybody? I hope everybody's fine. Know what ? It's great! i found the website of  Redmond Dentist. Been trying to search for a dental website that could help me find the best dentist to approach anytime i or any of my family members need. Dental problem is not easy. It's really painful when it attacks. Last month , me and my daughter dine in the restaurant , one of her tooth accidentally cracked and she felt severe pain if she sips water. We rushed to a dental clinic nearby the restaurant. X'Ray was done and found a big dental cavity of her one lower molar tooth . She didn't expected that big cavity and wondered how come became that big without pain when it was still small. Now, the dentist advised a root canal procedure because it appears that it is impossible for filling already. Half the tooth almost all broken due to decay.
As a mother, i  felt guilty of not bringing my children for dental cleaning and check up regularly. My daughter didn't lost one of  her permanent tooth if inspected by a good dentist at least yearly or every six month. Regular visit  of our family dentist prevents dental decays and dental diseases. I really like the idea of Redmond Way Dentistry. You will amazed of the  warm and welcoming environment of their office. I am sure kids won't scared of dental procedures once they enter this dental  office specially if  Dr. James Hogg is the one who attend their dental needs.
You must always remember that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Visit this address  or you may call their contact number for more information.
 Redmond Way Dentistry
15946 Redmond Way #106
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 898-2168


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