The Future of the World!!

Jan 18, 2009

Nouveau Riche University Blog published the meeting (CHAIRMAN'S CALL) which was held before the Christmas and new Year . It was the announcement of the top five achiever or who are called by the chairman as the Nouveau Riche Five Star Winner Cycle. They are the highest sales within just only three months. The top five was so happy and shares their stories how they have achieves volumes of sales in very short of time. They said that it is their determination, patience, proper management and right strategies.

Listeners in the Chairman's Call was fully feed of inspiration through the testimonies and real stories like Andre & Tami Popa who able to earned &154,500 in one month only last December. He just migrated in USA for his purpose is to just try his luck to earn money at least to live discently but unexpected when he join Nouveau Riche University earn more that what he expected. You can read their face book to learn more on their stories and testimonies.

Laura Palmer Noone, former president of the University of Phoenix, has been named chief executive officer at Nouveau University, a Scottsdale school with a small-business and entrepreneurial focus that admitted its first student last month.She is one of the best chief executive university all over the world. Not only specializing his career as leader of the universities but also focusing in managing several Charitable Institution. She is gifted with Intelligent mind and willingly shares for students and a good heart to less fortunate individuals. Laura Palmer is presently leads the Nouveau Riche University and no wonder sooner or later, students from this university will be the future of the world.


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