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Feb 8, 2009

There are cases like when i was on duty in mental hospital, there are patient manifesting depression due to result of sexual problem when they experienced dissatisfaction on sexual activity. In many cases , if both husband and wife will not get a sexual satisfaction usually may result to divorce and broken marriages. And if they have children is again an another problem. Their children are left by and usually results to abandoned children , drug addiction, out of school children or youth. So many circumstances will happened just because of sexual dissatisfaction. Good to know, that there are now male enhancement pills available for those who wants more to enhance sexual arousal as well as penis enlargement pills is also available. Larger penis provides a greater pleasure of sexual intercourse. Sex is beautiful for husband and wife . It is a God's gift to everyone So you have the right to make sex at the right place, right time, and right person and should be in physically and emotionally prepared to be able to reach the highest peak of climax. Good sex makes them bind together , love each other , happy and inseparable husband and wife and produce a happy family life .

But what about if there is an abnormal curvature of the penis? Of course it is really a big big problem of a man who have this disease called peyronie's disease. This abnormality cannot able to participate in sexual intercourse because it causes pain to both partner so it is impossible to have a lifetime partner. Usually male having this disease cause depression because this is untreatable but only a nutritional suppliments to improve penis health.


nadine♥christian said...

is that really true?

anyway, i guess sex is still some big deal when it comes to a husband and a wife.

thanks for dropping by my blog and the info here:)

andy said...

That's really nice article :D

Sex is the everything when you can't get satisfied from sex, you will feel irritated and annoyed

Nice post :D

(Game_Lover :

BOGCESS said...

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Care to exchange links?
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John Methew said...

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