Nov 13, 2008

My sister is working as a nurse in Last Vegas. Two years ago she sent me one thousand dollars at P 43,ooo.00 Philippine money. She instructed me to donate the whole amount to one of our neighbor in the province who's house is already about to collapse. She's an old woman single parent and left by her single parent daughter. She's alone racing the kids. Because she's old and no job she's just extending a little help in the house hold chores of our neighbors to get something food to eat. I told her "I need money too for my kids enrollment. I am working hard for my kids alone not asking a help from you but you help other?" But she said she won at Online casinos so, she just only sharing to the poor of what she had won. She did'nt work for it. She just enjoy to play the USA online casino and won instantly. My sister is a home body person. She' not interested to go outside to play casino and not a gambler . When she was alone in their house she tried to hook Online casino while waiting for her husband and son.
What a great experience of my sister. Why not try also? friends and parents out there. Very convenient .


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