Pregnancy Discomforts

Nov 26, 2008

morning sickness - an expectant mother manifest nausea accompanied by vomiting usually in the morning or sometimes anytime of the day. It is an unknown cause but many had believe that may be due to hormonal imbalance . In this case , a mother advise to eat small amount but frequent, eat attractive food like colored fruits and eat foods that are easily digest.

Urinary frequency is also one discomfort due to the enlargement of the uterus and pushes down the urinary bladder.

Heartburn -the enlarged uterus pushed up the stomach. so tendency of the gastric contents reflux in the lower esophagus. Advise mother to eat foods that easily digest in small amount but frequent.

Backache- due to pregnancy's increase weight and enlargement of the abdomen -she walks or stand, she position herself with head up and shoulder backward, and chest forward to prevent possible imbalance .

Constipation- due decrease intestinal peristalsis. Advise mother to eat foods high in fiber. Increase fluid intake. Practice regular pattern of elimination. Laxative if necessary and if doctor prescribed.

Respiratory Discomfort due to pressure of the enlarged uterus on diaphragm. Some relief will do by good posture and semi Fowler's position. Eat in small amount but frequent to avoid full stomach

Varicose Veins due to pressure of gravid uterus on large veins. Prolonged standing as one factor. Advise mother avoid prolonged standing. Elevate the lower extremities when lying. avoid constricting clothing

Leg cramps- may be due to impaired absorption of calcium. Adequate calcium intake may help

Legs and ankle edema - due to pressure distract the venous and lymphatic return. Elevation of legs may help


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