Fissures of the Breast

Nov 30, 2008

Fissure of the nipple is an ulceration develops in the breast of a nursing mother.

aggravated by sucking infant

Signs and Symptoms:
sore of the nipple

Nursing Care:
proper technique of breast feeding
advise patient wash with sterile saline solution
instruct to use artificial nipple for nursing
stop nursing if sore does not heal and use breast pump
wash nipple before and after nursing .
keep it dry after nursing
lanolin cream to prevent cracking but wash to remove before nursing


Anne-Sophie said...

I am glad to see you instruct to use sterile saline solution in the treatment of breast fissures. I have done it myself with very good results, but I cannot find any references for it. Would you happen to have any, I would really like to have more documentation on the subject.

Thank you

Anne-Sophie Gauthier

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