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Apr 30, 2009

yes friends, Here in the Philippines, millions of students are interested to study any medical courses. Usually they wanted this course, as their steppingstones to work abroad like in USA, Europe , United Kingdom, Middle East and other countries around the world. It is actually proven that those employed in medical job related had proven their excellent capabilities in so many countries especially those nurses, doctors, physical therapist, dentist and many more .
Have you ever heard about Medical Assistant course? Yes friends this course is now existing.
Their role is very important in the health care team. Medical assistants are the one who performs administrative works in the offices of the specialist doctors like neurologist , surgeons, paediatrists and other health specialist to run the office in order. They assist the patients for their diagnostic procedures, treatments and follow up check ups ordered by the physicians. To tell you honestly, i could say that imposssible or it is a very hard for the specialist doctor to work alone without medical assistants specially if a physician has so many patient, he/she always need a medical assistant professional to assist him to complete the total health care service for evry patient. That is the reason now that aside from other health care professional ,the Medical Assistant is in demand job specially in the next five years because each year keep on widening the education program.
Good thing is, St Augustine School of Medical Assistants offers online medical assistant program designed to provide them the best education and training to function effectively when they perform their duties and responsibilities if they are already professionals. It is easy, this school is completely facilitated and enroll online and attend the school online at your own convenience and time. Search for further information and details. Enroll now. Time is gold !


Saim Shah said...

Nice post..
As a nurse you must have quite a large info of medical field..
I have also started a blog and would like to have your comments on my blog.
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hangrt said...

It breaks my heart to see the schools take 20-30k from students, and the students are lucky to find jobs for 10-13 an hour. They lead some people to believe that the opportunities for employment are limitless. More and more medical assistants are being pushed behind a desk.

George Clerk
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registered medical assistant

medical assistant said...

What is a Medical Assistant?

A Medical Assistant is a non-licensed health care professional who usually works under the supervision of a licensed physician in a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital or other health care setting to assist in the organization and smooth running of the facility. Education is often the first step towards a career in this high demand field, that can help provide you with many years of rewarding work experience!

smith bhagvan said...

Appreciate expression many of these mindset familiarity with country. Great write, well done.!
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