Elegant bath robe

Oct 7, 2009

I always like the bathrobe which is made out of 100% cotton. Like the terry bath robe had become the best buys by robe buyers. Why? They are very thick and makes you warm after bathing. Greatly designed and the sleeves perfectly just at mid calf length and with two pockets. It is design and colors is suitable for men and women and looks so elegant. You have choicest too if you don't agree on thick robes because lighter in weight is available like the waffle bath robe. This is only 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Nice for travel because it is lighter and handy and easily dry when wet.
You better match your robe with towel wrap to dry your body and hair before putting on your robe, Well, towel wrap is always very important after bathing than anything else. Mint bath towel wrap are softer than terry cloth and nice colors are there to choose from. Buy from Posy Lane.com they also accept personalized towel if you want to. Perfect gift for your friends , parents or children specially if their name is already printed on the towel wrap. They will surely love it because very useful and very attractive


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