Urinary Tract Infection

Aug 6, 2011

A 35 years old mother consulted a doctor with a chief complaints of difficulty and painful urination for two days already. Urinalysis done immediately as ordered by the doctor. Results conveyed a numerous pus cells, presence of RBC, Bacteria and even protein traced in her urine. She's diagnosed by the doctor of URINARY TRACK INFECTION. Because of numerous bacteria and puss cells in her urine the laboratory technicians can't count anymore, the doctor advised to start immediately Lovofloxacin 500 mg. daily for seven days and recheck the urine again on the seventh day.

After seven days of antibiotic medication, urine retested by laboratory tech. The result comes out all normal and negative for puss cells and bacteria and even protein.


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Samual James said...

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Rimi said...

Hello, your post pleased me so much! I'd like to share. I am 7 months pregnant and my Doctor prescribe me this antibiotics (Nitrofurantoin 100MG CAP) to ne taken every 6 hrs within 7 days. is it safe? im worried beacuse id ont want to take any antibiotics that may affects my baby.... Thanks, @Rimi

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