Aug 5, 2008

INVERTED UTERUS- the uterus turns inside out during the third stage of labor


  • thin uterine wall
  • excessive traction on the cord while placenta still attached to the uterine wall
  • fundal pressure
  • relaxed uterine wall
Signs and Symptoms:
  • profuse bleeding
  • shock due to blood loss
  • pale
  • weak

Management :
  • to return the uterus to normal position
  • Blood transfusion to replace the blood loss

Nursing Measures:
  • monitor vital signs and blood pressure and record. Record intake and output
  • regulate blood transfusion correctly and note any reactions
  • observed any signs of bleeding


Domz said...

Hellommaam i am a student nurse, your notes are really helpful.. -=anne=- from philippines

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