Jul 24, 2008

EPISIOTOMY- an incision of the perineum during delivery

  • to spare the infant's head to pass out preventing prolonged pressure and pushing against the narrow perineum that may cause brain damage.
  • to shorten the 2nd stage of labor

  1. Median-incision is made in the middle of the perineum and directed toward the rectum, and easy to repair and more comfortable for the patient during the healing process
  2. Mediolateral (midline)- incision laterally in the perineum and distant from anal that could be enlarge if needed. mother feels uncomfortable during the healing process.

  • instruct the woman to cleanse from the front to the back every after voiding and defication
  • infra red light focused to the perineum for 15 minutes 2 or 3 times at first 24 hours of delivery to promote fast healing
  • explain proper handwashing after perineal care
  • encourage to increase fruit juices that are rich in vitamin C to increase resistant against infection
  • external antiseptic applied to the episiotomy wound every after perineal care or 2 times a day

reference: maternity book and my nursing notes


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