Jul 11, 2008

POSTPARTUM HEMORRHAGE- 500 ml or more blood loss, usually on the first hour after deliver


  • retained Placenta due to manual removal of placenta, placenta acreta
  • Uterine Atony-the relaxation of uterus due to excessive amniotic fluid, prolonged labor, overdose of anesthesia, and multiple pregnancy
  • Laceration of the vagina, cervix or perineum during forcept delivery, size incompatibility of infant and the birth canal
  • uterus relax- soft to palpate ang boggy
  • excessive bleeding
  • patient is pale and weak
  • monitor vital signs every 30 minutes or one hour
  • observe the amount and type of bleeding or the lochia if present, blood clots
  • alleviate anxiety of the the patient due to her bleeding or condition
  • provide information about her condition
  • assist family support
  • regulate IV fluids correctly as ordered
  • crossmatched blood must be available in case needed for blood transfusion
  • keep patient nothing per oral so as always be ready for emergency procedure specially if bleeding can' stop
  • maintain the room calm and quiet atmosphere
  • always use sterile gloves or instrument when doing vaginal examination to prevent further infection
  • perineal care aseptically
  • encourage voiding

source: maternal books and my nursing notes


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