Jul 16, 2008


  • an inflammation of the tissues of the breast
  • an infection of the ducts causing an stagnation of the milk in one or more lobules of the breast

  • due to transferring of organisms from the infected eye , skin, or mouth of the baby
Signs and Symptoms
  • breast becomes tough and doughy
  • dull pain in the affected region
  • discharges from nipple like pus, serum
  • breast engorgement
  • chills
  • fever
  • tenderness of the breast
  • breast pain
Nursing Cares:
  • Promoting comfort by encouraging to wear supportive firm bra
  • ice bag to decrease the pain
  • encourage to follow hygiene for comfort and avoid further infection
  • support breast with towels or pillows while on bed
  • proper handwashing
  • Emotional support by allowing to express her feeling regarding infection of her breast
  • give some information and assure that there is a treatment


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