Jul 24, 2008

VACUUM EXTRACTION- suctioning of the fetal head


  • fetal distress
  • dysfunctional labor
  • hypertensive disorder of pregnancy
  • abruptio placentae
  • maternal cardiopulmonary disease
  • explain the purpose of the procedure to the woman and tell her that there is nothing to worry to alleviate anxiety
  • help the woman to relax during the application of suction to the fetal scalp
  • encourage to push with contraction when needed
  • after the delivery , examine the fetal scalp if there is an injury , laceration, hematoma, or intracranial hemorrhage
  • examine the woman for cervical or vaginal laceration
  • let her to void within several hours after delivery


DigiscrapMom said...

i never really knew how vacuum extraction worked. all i know is that, that was how my son was brought out into this world. i passed out kasi in the middle of labor.

a lot of interesting bits here. i was trying to look for the tag you mentioned but i couldn't look for it.

take care!

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