Postpartum Hematoma

Jul 9, 2008

  • is the accumulation of blood under the skin of the genitalia or vaginal mucosa. it is bluish in color due to:
  1. due to trauma during the labor and delivery
  2. due to forcept delivery, the tendency of the instrument to traumatized the mucosa
  3. due to suturing of the laceration done for delivery like episiotomy laceration
Signs and symptoms:
  • pain over the area due to inflammation
  • painful upon urination
  • inability to urinate due to obstruction of the urethra cause by the inflammation of the mucusa
  • Ultra red lamp to the perennial area for 15 minutes to promote healing of the wound
  • Evacuation of the blood clot and resuturing
  • provide comfort by applying ice bag at the perennial area
  • first time mother are innocent , so responsibility of nurse to explain the cause to understand to avoid worries on the part of the patient
  • assist patient to void in comfort room or in a bed pan
  • avoid pressures on the area to prevent further damage
  • catheterize aseptically if not able to void
  • vital signs regularly
  • observed for any hemorrhage or swelling if there is any ang report to physician


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