It is not a Scam!

Oct 27, 2008

One of my nephew studying in the United Estate. He is now third year in college and proudly told me through telephone that he is studying in a big and popular university. Although I am just only here in the Philippines, I have still got the news about some universities which are indulge to scam, This is to warn you, you might be victim of scam. To all readers of my blog, you could get all the informations you want to know about Nouveau Riche Scam. Thus to guides you to learn the the real and true vision of the university.

Nouveau Riche Scam
is exactly opposite to those who think that this university is involved to scam. Of course a big NO. never this university indulge to scam. This is officially , recognized university by the national government because he completely and successfully show all the requirement to pursue offering a wide variety of 30 real estate investing and business related courses. Dozens of graduates testifying that they successfully finished the course without any problems of their certificates or diploma as well as their performance in their job. Actually most of them who are hired by other company were promoted to higher positions and paid with higher salary. And those who were graduates who put their own business were successfully managed because they applied what they learned from their alma mater which is Nouveau Riche University .

You can click Nouveau Riche Scam provides you to fixed your mine that this is not a scam but most promising university to helps students fulfill their dreams to be a successfull businessman related to real estate investments.


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