Oct 29, 2008

PROLAPSE OF THE UTERUS- support of the uterus become weak after childbirth and descent into the vaginal orifice.

Signs and Symptoms: same as Displacement of the Uterus

  • backache
  • feeling of pelvic pressure
  • easy fatigue
  • leukorrheal discharge
  • urinary incontinence or urinary retention due to displacement of the bladder

Post operation care for Hysterectomy

  • keep patient on bed for 2-3 days with vaginal packing or pessary in place
  • perineal care after vaginal packing removed
  • allow to void freely if catheter removed
Nursing Responsibilities:

Industrial Nurses or Public health nurse is her responsibility to encouraged an individual to seek a medical check up if they are manifesting symptoms of displacement of the uterus


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