Rectocele and Laceration of the Perineum

Dec 28, 2008

RECTOCELE AND LACERATION OF THE PERINEUM- is a displacement of the rectum into the vagina - due to tears in muscle below the vagina, the rectum may pouch upward, pushing the posterior wall of the vagina in front of it .

Signs and Symptoms :

  • Constipation- difficulty of defecation
  • incontinence of feces and gas in patient with complete tear
  • perineal burning

Nursing Management:
  • encourage woman to see gynecologist - they must be advise for medical treatment because usually feel embarrassed and tendency to take care of herself because of her belief that it's just a consequences of child bearing. Infection, cervical ulceration, cystitis or hemorrhoids are complications if tear will not be treated

Surgery -is a perineorrhaphy or posterior colporrhaphy a repair of the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall

  • perineal care
  • encourage voiding after 4-8 hours operation. Bladder not allowed to accumulate 150 ml of urine for the first few days
  • catheterized if patient can not void after 6 hours or if patient complain of pain in the region of the bladder before 6 hours
  • irrigate with warm sterile saline after urination or defecation


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