Protection From Fall

Dec 23, 2008

Now a days, even we love so much our parents when they are old and we have already our own family it is hard to share our time for them. My mother was 86 years old weighing 184 lbs so fat and big grandmother. Usually she just in bed and can't stand alone. She is my grandmother and i love her so much, its time to take care of her. Due to some circumstances not all the time i am at her bedside so i installed a push button bell and instructed her to push the button when she needed help or need something while i am doing the household chores. One time, she was fall down from bed and she was not able to called for help because she can't reached the press button when she was already on the floor.

There are so so many cases like this in the house and or in the Geriatric Homes i am glad that there are gadgets invented like Medical Alarm give us an alarm in cases of emergency or needs an immediate help. This no need to press emergency button because it is connected and automatically for live help instantly when sick member of the family or grandparents at home need for help.This alarm is there to give signal for help from members of the family if something happened to them. Very useful medical alarm to ensures immediate protection and security of our grandparents at all times.

Good news also for those who have Alzheimer relative who used to go wanders outdoors. GPS Powered Bracelet to keep tracts wherever location is. Emergency call center notifies you if ever user is already out of location.Very safe to use with built in speaker phone for live communication. And emergency call center is round the clock ready to send for emergency help to the user anywhere. With private GPS monitoring, your family or loved ones can get accurate location of users in need. Avail medical alarm now for your love ones! for more information search on


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