Medical Alarm

Mar 30, 2009

My mother before he died 2 years ago, she was in the senile stage that she does not know what she was doing . She is just only at home we don't allow him to go out anymore because there was a time that she went out without my sister's knowledge and one of our neighbor who saw her walking in the street alone. Since that time, we confine her at home or in her bedroom and installed an emergency light connected to my sister's store and instructed to just push the button in case she need something.

Every morning gave her the morning care and prepare everything at her bedside. Until one day when three hours wonder my sister why no calls at all as she used to do. My sister visited her in her room and found out that she is already on the floor with the cord of the calling light around her feet and can't reach the button anymore.

This is usually happen now adays to aged individuals especially children have already a family and busy with their own kids and job. I am so glad to know that there are Medical Alarm invented for in the home and has a FALL ALERT detector that alerts the members of the family that they have fallen and cant even push a button.And also when an aged individuals who used to walks all the way like those suffering of Alzheimer's disease . This new gadget appropriate for them the GPS Tracking Bracelet with 2-way speakerphone so they can use it like a cell phone and call for help, or the wearer can be found in cases of wandering. I am sure this is exactly what those aged needed. Only medical alarm alert provider offers this gadgets. Search for more informtion


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