Women Infertility

Mar 30, 2009

Yes friends. not only men who have problem of infertility but also woman.Now adays due to gynecologic disorders there are some factors that cause women infertility . The following are
displacement and tumors of the uterus, genital infantilism and inflammation. To have a successful fertilization the vagina cervix and uterus are patent enough with mucosal secretions receptive to the sperm of partner.
There are also some test like
Rubin Test, to determine the patency of fallopian tube
Sapingogram but now adays is Untrasound to determine the site of the tubal obstruction if there is any.
Huhner Test

Treatment is depend on the factors that cause infertiliy . The treatment is directed toward correcting the deficiency incountered by the patient. The social and psychological factors must have also to consider


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