No scam!

Jan 18, 2009

This site entitled :About new rich /Contact me " is site by someone who is not endorsed or approved by Nouveau Riche University. He created a form for the readers to write who wants to participate in his intention is to know the honest reaction, opinion whether negative , positive or no comment about Nouveau University . Well this is nice site , to help readers may know the real thing about NRU as the best university with aims and goal to help students become the best and richest in the world through real estate investing . Nouveau Riche University Scam? Of course! It is not a scam.

There is a question to those who have heard about the success of students and proffessionals came from Nouveau Riche University. It is normal to disbelief at once if they don't have backgound on real estate investing and they will say that it is Nouveau University Scam. Since Nouveau Riche is totally committed to education and wealth creation, never stop providing all the trends lawfully in this business. Conducted again a meeting with the best expert individuals to shares all the knowledge and strategies under the law without illegal matters.

Nouveau Riche University has a private website for the members of the community to publish all their all their real estate investment deals with supposed positive cash flow. Every deals publish in the investor Concierge website with all the pictures , numbers, breackdowns and all the figures how it aarived the net income.This website to ensure and prove to every readers who doubts and saying Nouveau Riche University Scam.


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